Problem solving in implantology -

creation of a new type of integration surface


creation of a new type of integration surface


We apply coatings with specified properties on the surfaces of implants of any complexity. Experimentally proven advantages allow solving the most pressing problems associated with implantation.

Contact inertness of the surface – there are no free covalent bonds in the coating, which determines the absence of chemical and physical impact on the tissues, and also does not cause unwanted cellular reactions to the foreign body. Studies of coatings show the absence of morphological changes in cells and destructive tissue reactions.
Mechanical properties
High mechanical strength, chemical inertness of the coating, density similar to diamond, ultra-low sliding friction coefficient and ideal adhesion to metal surfaces allows to increase the durability of structures without changing their functional capabilities.
Electrophysical properties
Nanosize inclusions-islands of layered structures of a coating of one type, with a smaller width of the band gap, are located in the matrix of the other layer type with a larger band gap, because of the difference in the width of the gaps, charge carriers are localized within the island, resulting in a quasiatomic (which is a set of separate levels) energy spectrum, which prevents platelet aggregation.

Application area

Coronary stents
The main advantage of coated stents is their integration into the body’s integration processes, rather than their disruption and blockage.
The coatings prevent bacterial contamination of the implants. We apply technology on an industrial scale to implantable medical devices.
Dental implants
Surface without coating provokes the release of metal ions.
Plasma coating on medical membranes put them on a par with world leaders.

Более 10 000 успешных нанесений с 2018 года

Scientific data files

  • MDL coating on polymer implants
  • A new level of safety for implantable structures
  • MDL Coverage Information Materials
  • Presentation

Our team

Natalia Anisimova
Project manager к.м.н., Associate Professor, Department of Pain Relief in Dentistry, Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, dentist, clinical psychologist.
Sergei Kiselev
Process engineer, developer of medicines and medical devices, author and holder of patents in the field of medicine.
Ilya Fridman
Implant surgeon, member of the International Implant Association , ICOI IPS.
Alexey Azarov
Vascular surgeon, head of the department 1st Medical University K.M.N.
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